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Welcome To The Steveston Business Directory

The Steveston Business Directory is open to local business and community groups located in the village of Steveston BC.

Stevestonivillage.com is a web portal that serves the community of Steveston BC. In order for us to continue to serve the community to the best of our ability we offer a Free web page for each individual Steveston business and Community groups which are located in Steveston village.

Our directory consists of 5 main directories on this site with 3 of those directories having multiple subcategories. All of the directories and subdirectories are accessible throughout the entire website from the navigation on the left. The 5 directories are as follows...

Steveston Restaurants
with 12 subcategories accessible from the navigation throughout the site.

Steveston Shopping
with 12 subcategories accessible from the navigation throughout the site

Steveston Service Businesses
with 21 subcategories accessible from the navigation throughout the site.

Community Groups
Located under the "Community" heading on the navigation. Community groups are defined as charities, associations, NGO's, environment groups, political action committees etc... that operate in Steveston and serve the community.

Sports & Recreation
Under the "Community" heading on the navigation. Sports groups, clubs, leagues and sports businesses in Steveston.

What's Included

Your Free Steveston business directory listing will be located on one of the subcategory pages. As an example - look on the navigation on the left and look for the heading Steveston Shopping - this is a category. A subcategory directly below is called Antiques & Collectibles.

This is what is included on a subcategory page ( which our visitors will see when they visit a subcategory page ex: Antiques & Collectibles. )

- The NAME of your business
- The address of your business
- The operating hours of your business, ie) Monday to Friday 9-5
- Contact information of your business, ie) phone number, fax, email address etc..
- a link to your website
- a link from the NAME of your business to your separate FREE webpage with a description of your business.

Here is what is included with your FREE webpage.
- A full description of your business with as much information as you want.***
- Up to 4 pictures or youtube videos.***
- Your page will be interactive which you can use for marketing and promotion purposes if you wish.
- Full contact informaton.
- link to your website ( and/or blog, facebook account, twitter if you have these ).

*** To keep this service free I will ask you to provide this information and material to me. You will retain full copyright of any and all material.

Here are two samples of what you can expect your listing to look like - Beatmerchant and Jet-Lag Travel Fashion Boutique.

Lets get started and list your business!

Before we begin I must ask you to review the terms and conditions for adding your business to the Steveston Business Directory and I must gather some details and information from you so I can get your page up as soon as possible.

Please note that all details you provide to me are subject to our privacy policy and can be changed and edited at any time - just email me and I can add or remove anything you like.

So lets begin - please fill out this form below and click SUBMIT at the bottom to send it in. After I gather your details I will get a page built and into the Steveston business directory. Once thats done I will contact you with your link and then we can talk about adding pictures.

Choose A Category For Your Service Business
Business Name
Would you like to have pictures on your listing?
Yes ( we will contact you )
No ( we won't add any pictures )
Please tell us the hours your business is open
Address Of Your Business
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Fax Number
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Description Of Your Business

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